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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Need A List Of MSC Websites He Owns?

Than go visit Michael Crook, Professional Troll .

If you ever run across a problem with MSC and wish to complain about him, don't bother complaining to SMIS Hosting or MCIP, both of those are in fact MSC himself. SMIS stands for SilentMike Internet Services, which I think he is trying to do away with and use the MCIP that stands for Michael Crook Internet Properties.

Monday, October 30, 2006


People have wondered if MC is his real name. We have found in the past that it is MSC, even old address' have his middle initial..same MC too. It seems that in his forum, he thinks the below mentioned forum has a differant MC in it..but he is wrong..we have the right MSC.

To prove that, click on Dayton Municipal Court. Once in the site, click the 'Case Inquiry' than go to: by 'Defendant Name' and put in his last and first name. You will find 3 arrests for him, one of them was mentioned in his old website that he has since had blocked from waybackmachine and is now on the sales list...if not sold by now.

That one arrest that he mentioned in an old site was from when he was out clubbing and he got a little too drunk and was escorted out by two bouncers, which he than tried to argue with them, asking for the manager so the police were called. He even got into it with one officer and he ended up being arrested by Officer A. Quinn for DISORD/PI, a violation of Dayton Ordinance 2817 11 B-2. This happened on April 18th 2002.

Now if you notice, on one of those arrests, it has his full name, which shows the forum does have the correct MC. The info matches what MSC himself posted in his past blogs. As for the last name Vogel and Delaney..that comes from his maternal side of the family.

As always screenshots to prove this is in fact true..according to MSC himself. ;)

Friday, October 27, 2006


I will be posting the screenshots soon and put the url to them here instead of individually emailing them to those who request it.

Each page will pertain to each subject here. You may or may not need a password to view these That will be decided on a later date.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A New Forum Exposing MSC

There is another forum out there in cyberworld exposing the truth about MSC.

To send request on joining the forum. Please mail Me

NOTE: Crook, please quit trying to get access to the forum.....YOU are not invited!

Monday, October 23, 2006

About MSC Military Writings

He has his 'I WOULD BE PROUD TO SERVE - IF THE ARMY WOULD LET ME ' article that can be found here Press of Atlantic City The date was June 11, 1999

If you read this article than what he is NOW saying which is how he purposely got thrown out, you can only guess it is just more lies from him.

In the article he said he did not join for the money, bonuses or assistance with college tuition and now he is saying that when he got there, it became painfully obvious that the possibility of actually being called upon to put his life on the line for this country could be real, so he purposefully fell out of the mile run.

Yeah sure because in a past post from a forum that is no longer around, he had said this (screenshots):

[Quoted From Michael Crook in Weapondepot]
Of course I could have it surgically fixed. Even with insurance, the cost is high

Now I got an e-mail from someone who *claims* to have an MOS that permits them to see my records. Fine. I buy that...but

what I don't buy is his claim that I CHOSE not to stay in the military.

Look, I *tried* to stay in. Trusting my 1st Sgt. was my all-time mistake.

I tried like hell to get back in. What it came down to was statements from two civilian doctors that cleared me and said to put me in. The boys in Washington said no. [End Quote]

I believe that Sgt he had was Sgt Harris

Than he has his "MY TIME IN THE ARMY" which he is now trying to say it was taken from a fictional angle of givng a rats ass about this country.

So if he doesn't care about this country, why doesn't he move out of the country to one he thinks is better?

In short, I think he is mad that he was booted from the Army, so now he is taking it out on the soldiers by calling them scumbags. He gripes about the taxes, yet he doesn't even vote let alone registered to vote. From what he is trying to say now one would think he did join for the money, bonuses or assistance with college tuition

Think about it. Just what does our Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force do? They fight for our country if needed. Anyone who joins is full aware that if we end up going to war it will be them fighting the war. Anyone in my opinion who is in the service and AWOLS instead of going to war basically must have joined for the education

Friday, October 20, 2006

Did he or did he not?

This is quite interesting. I recieved some emails with screenshots on his 2 pervert sites. It seems at one time he was going to charge people to view the information Below is what he basically had posted

In order to access the information on the numerous men who were busted you must complete the following steps

1) register an account on his forum

2) Via email send the request to him (must have a valid email) also provide a link to a profile minus one from AOL which is at least 2 months old

3) After being approved you must log into your forums account and follow instructions to pay the $10.00 access fee to paypal

4) Enjoy access to the information

Hmmm..woudn't that be against the copyright laws? I doubt he had anyone pay for viewing......even if it is all about the money, he knows he couldn't last a day in jail let alone afford lawsuits.

Than another email w/screenshot sent this:

Than in his forum he mentioned he no longer owns the sites that in fact he got paid and literally bought and sold the idiotic men

He also mentioned in his blog that as of Sept 29th the new owner will have the site. adding more to it

Again, according to the newspaper article, he took the sites down. Whether or not he sold the sites, I doubt he sold them with the information on these men intact. If he did I could forsee many lawsuits against him.

Las Vegas Sun has story on MSC

Well it seems that the Las Vegas Sun did a story on MSC's little Craigslist scheme. It mentions some of the victims on it and explains now why his site went down...It claims he agreed to take it down.

What I find is funny is that MSC failed to mention that he himself was a victim with the same thing. He thought he was talking to a chick on IM and mentioned alot of stuff, including sending a photo of himself waist area. I'm sure alot of people seen that incident online, if not it is still up elsewhere so email me and I'll point you to the direction it is. MSC thinks these men are pot calling kettle black.

It seems MSC also had contacts with some gays, and put their information up too. I really think his real reason for doing this whole stunt is that he wanted to get photos of men so he can get off on them. Remember in his past blog he came out of the closest. The exact date was April 23, 2005 (screenshot of it)

He also posted under 'yoga at the discoteque' Sun 1 Dec, saying:
He considers himself widely traveled in gay bars and clubs (screenshot of this also)

Than he owned the website 'Rainbow Friends ' but he never got that started. He later had it up for sale.

Going back to that IM conversation, he stated how he likes getting it in the behind while sucking off and he mentioned meeting people from the internet as well..Who's the pervert now MSC?

MSC Children

There were past interviews with MSC on the No Holds Barred Radio Station where he admits to the divorce and child he produced at age 20, mother of said child was 15, 16 when she had the child. She divorced MSC a year later, which put her at age 17. Other stuff on these interviews are his admission of rape, can't prosecute him for rape, more bragging about being untouchable, more not going to prosecute (although he kept saying he did not rape her, everyone knows that any 19 or 20 year old that sleeps with a 15 year old, it is called statutory rape) this occurred in New Jersey, although at the time of the interview, MSC lived in Ohio.

Than we have his old website (screenshots made of all of it), he mentions the child again. saying how she's a little angel, who is not afraid to say what she's thinking..and also how she has been there for him through both of his divorces and that it was a shame that her mother is no longer with them, the victim of a drunk driver. This part may just show what MSC meant in the previous interviews about no witness's. I bet the child's birth certificate and a DNA test could prove otherwise, besides the fact MSC admitted in the interview that he was paying child support.

From the date of the childs birth, I have calculated her date of conception on or about 4 April 1996 which was a Thursday, according to this website Birthdate Calender. So if these calculations are right, MSC was actually 18 at the the time of childs conceivement and was almost 19 when child was born, 2 months shy of 19.

So that relationship is gone and MSC later remarrys in July-1999 which only last maybe 6 months. That divorce was final in January of 2000. That was the marriage with him pushing his wife down the stairs. The above interview has him saying she pulled a knife on him, which is why he pushed her down the stairs. No known children with that marriage.

Than in January of 2004, MSC marrys his current wife and in November of 2004 his second child is born. This child, many people are aware of, but it now sounds like she is in the care of CPS and a foster home.....maybe now she will actually have a chance at a good life I am sure that MSC will deny this but I have have screenshots of a few places where he mentions first daughter, or 2 kids isn't vast, and I even have both names with birthdates.Hopefully not, but who knows how many more children he has out there