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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

He's Back!

It seems Crook is back. One thing that got me laughing is under the title “Indian” whiner dies, he said "But no, I’m half White and half Native-American."

If anyone remembers the past he has always claimed Dutch heritage via his VOGEL lineage. I have collected abit of info on his lines and will post it here soon to prove his lies of being HALF Native American.

SO if you are interested in his lineage, stop by again for the lines after I get it put together. I wont go too far back but enough to prove he is NOT Half Native American. Dates and places will also be included. I do have some info on the DELANEY line but have not pieced that together yet. But what I DO have may tell me the heritage of them, if not I will seek it.

UPDATE: It seem's that Crook has been trolling this blog. He made a post on his blog about this subject calling me a liar. In part, here is what he said: "I have never claimed to be half Native American, despite what this obsessed, vicious liar says. "

So I have a message for ya Crook...will you like to see the before and after screenshots where you claimed being Half Indian and than changed it to " But no, I’m half White and a very small touch of Native-American."

UPDATE: I've decided to first see how many of you peeps are good at researching ancestors. For hints, send me an email. If anyone wishes to view the screenshots of th above, send me an email.

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Blogger Emily said...

I noticed the same discrepancy. He doesn't seem to be aware of Google's cache.

He's also been busy editing the wiki entry that he wrote for a tv station he worked at in Ohio.

What a moron!

Wednesday, 17 October, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great so Mr. Brilliant thinks he is Half white, a touch of Indian, and what... primordial slime? (I might buy that.)

Thursday, 18 October, 2007  
Blogger Emily said...

Primordial slime! Funny!

He once claimed he was 1/10 American Indian. He couldn't show me the math on that though.

I wonder which side of the family that deformed head came from?

Friday, 19 October, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I wonder which side of the family that deformed head came from?"

Um, sorry, Emily, but I think that there's only -one- side of the family in this case.

Thursday, 01 November, 2007  

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