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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Alot Going On Since Word Of The EFF Lawsuit

Here are a couple sites about the case in general.

In this, they talk about the case and has some good information in it.

And here is 'An Open Letter to Michael Crook' written by Jonathan Bailey, explaining to him that you do not own the copyright to your image.

Somes laughs right here at 10zenmonkeys

Another laugh about that article is that MSC is claiming the school photo was stolen from his site, and the fact said photo was there for a long time. I highly doubt it ever was on his site or the fact anyone stole it from there.

And than we have Tucker Max VS MSC online debate.

I find it hilarious that he calls the information Tucker posted was pure bullshit, especially when he is claiming of never having any children. I guess MSC forgot the 2 separate radio interviews he had, first one was with the the NHBRadio around early 2000, when he lived in Ohio. The second one was with the Steve and DC show, the second interview he had with them, when he admittted he in fact was not going to fight a Vet, like he said he would in the previous interview with them. He also mentioned the fact of being married and had a child. So maybe now he has no children, but to say he never had any is a lie. Unless all the times he claimed of having a child was a lie, than it just shows either way, he flat out is a liar in my book.

MSC has a statement on his site where he said if only they (people with the photo of him up) just simply shut up, asked no questions and complied with the law, this whole thing could have been avoided.

Another thing MSC has said was that he's all for free speech until it's used against him, then he fights back.

So I guess in his mind, it's ok for him to post photos or information on innocent people, yet if anyone posts his photo it is not ok.

The way I see it, is they have the right to speak up, ask questions and comply with the law, which is what they are doing now via the lawsuit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will pay anyone who can get photos of him while he is out in public. The photos have to be fairly close of him as to where peolple can see it is in fact the scumhole

I would want lots of the photos so we can blanket the internet with his photo, that way every single person will know what he looks like.

Friday, 24 November, 2006  

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