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Friday, October 20, 2006

Did he or did he not?

This is quite interesting. I recieved some emails with screenshots on his 2 pervert sites. It seems at one time he was going to charge people to view the information Below is what he basically had posted

In order to access the information on the numerous men who were busted you must complete the following steps

1) register an account on his forum

2) Via email send the request to him (must have a valid email) also provide a link to a profile minus one from AOL which is at least 2 months old

3) After being approved you must log into your forums account and follow instructions to pay the $10.00 access fee to paypal

4) Enjoy access to the information

Hmmm..woudn't that be against the copyright laws? I doubt he had anyone pay for viewing......even if it is all about the money, he knows he couldn't last a day in jail let alone afford lawsuits.

Than another email w/screenshot sent this:

Than in his forum he mentioned he no longer owns the sites that in fact he got paid and literally bought and sold the idiotic men

He also mentioned in his blog that as of Sept 29th the new owner will have the site. adding more to it

Again, according to the newspaper article, he took the sites down. Whether or not he sold the sites, I doubt he sold them with the information on these men intact. If he did I could forsee many lawsuits against him.


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