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Friday, October 20, 2006

Las Vegas Sun has story on MSC

Well it seems that the Las Vegas Sun did a story on MSC's little Craigslist scheme. It mentions some of the victims on it and explains now why his site went down...It claims he agreed to take it down.

What I find is funny is that MSC failed to mention that he himself was a victim with the same thing. He thought he was talking to a chick on IM and mentioned alot of stuff, including sending a photo of himself waist area. I'm sure alot of people seen that incident online, if not it is still up elsewhere so email me and I'll point you to the direction it is. MSC thinks these men are pot calling kettle black.

It seems MSC also had contacts with some gays, and put their information up too. I really think his real reason for doing this whole stunt is that he wanted to get photos of men so he can get off on them. Remember in his past blog he came out of the closest. The exact date was April 23, 2005 (screenshot of it)

He also posted under 'yoga at the discoteque' Sun 1 Dec, saying:
He considers himself widely traveled in gay bars and clubs (screenshot of this also)

Than he owned the website 'Rainbow Friends ' but he never got that started. He later had it up for sale.

Going back to that IM conversation, he stated how he likes getting it in the behind while sucking off and he mentioned meeting people from the internet as well..Who's the pervert now MSC?


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