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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Want To Become Ordained?

That's right, you can become an Ordained Minister. Just go to the Universal Life Church and fill out the form and wait.

It states:

Welcome! You are about to become an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, Modesto, California. Please be sure to find out about the legal doctrines governing your country, state or province.
So I was browsing around debating on if I'd really want to become a minister. Anyway while browsing I found this and remembered that at one time, Crook claimed to be an Ordained Minister.If true and he were to marry you, I'd be asking to see his make sure this Michael Crook isn't the same one we all know. Well, unfortunately with further searching, it came to prove that it is the same Crook we all know.

So hopefully if anyone out there were dumb enough to have him marry you,I'd be asking for my money back or to prove that he is in fact legally able to marry people with his 5.00 certificate if received from here.

Did you catch what he had on there with what he believes?

This I Believe: Do that which is good, and uphold the word of the Lord.

That would make anyone say 'No, that ain't the scumbag Michael Crook", but it is. I checked the phone number used with the number scumbag Crook has used.Same One!

Now I am not saying that he is NOT an Ordained Minister,I'm just saying it should be verified before putting cash over to him.

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Equalizing Things

Crook seems to feel that since he has it posted on his blog that if you send him messages, he has the authority to expose you anyway he can if he feels like it.

He enjoys posting dead peoples familys info like address or phone numbers, matter of fact, it doesn't stop at just dead people,he goes after anyone he can that he blogs on, whether he blogs the truth or twists it some...or alot.

So I've decided to help those people out..legally that is. Lets start with Mikeys mother,Mavis. If you want to know exactly why it is that Crook does what he does,maybe his mom will let you know.

You can reach her by writing to her or calling..both are last known address that are listed.

She is listed in anywho as:

Delaney, M
1260 NE 69 Hwy
Claycomo, MO 64119

Doing searches in other areas I find the following in the public eye again.


Doing a google with that address gives me the name of the property

Northgate Mobile Estates
(816) 452-4418
1260 NE Us Highway 69 # 1
Liberty, MO 64068

Now isn't that funny. He calls people who lives in Mobile homes trailer trash, but his own mother lives in a mobile home.....does that make her trailer trash as well?
Um..yeah....anyway, I'd prolly try the address with Liberty, Mo if I were to write to her.

While were on the subject of Mikeys mom, Mavis. Mikey once claimed his step father tried to molest him.His exact words were:

'My mom and stepdad divorced in 1992, after my stepfather attempted (unsuccessfully) to molest me. Now, this was a man who told me to trust him, he holds the priesthood'.

So after catching Crook in so many lies, I have decided to print out that whole conversation and will be sending it to Craig for his opinion. If anyone out there is curious too, they can reach him at:

Craig Eggenberger
1155 Royal Ave
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

Again also listed in public view.

Keep checking back as I will most certainly be having more people w/contact info to ask their opinion on why crook is the way he is.

How about seeing if good ol' Uncle Keith has anything to say? You can contact him at:

Keith P Delaney
2400 SE Ryan St
Corvallis, OR 97333-2029
(541) 753-9006
Birth Date: 17 Dec 1946

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Crooks Timeline

15 Feb 1978- Born in Portland, Oregon at 7:25pm local time,weighed 5#-4oz
Father: Bruce Allen Crook
Birth Date: 9 Jan 1957, Kern Co., Ca.
Death Date: 22 Sep 1997.Riverside Co., Ca

Mother: Mavis N.Delaney.
Birth Date:23 Sep 1954, Alaska

1985-1987-1st and 2nd Grade McMinnville SDA McMinnville, Ore.

2 May 1987 Mother remarries to Craig Richard Eggenberger-Marriage County: Nye, State: Nevada)

1987-1990- 3rd-5th grades Vegas Verdes- Las vegas, NV

1990-1991-6th grade- Matt Kelly (Sixth Grade Center) Las Vegas, NV

1991-1992-7th grade James Cashman Jr./High School Las Vegas,NV

19 Aug 1991 County: Clark Mother was the Defendant in her divorce to Craig Eggenberger

Summer of 1992- After mother's divorce in previous year, relocates to Arizona

1992-1993-8th Grade-Fountian HillsJr/SrHigh, Fountain Hills. Az

Summer of 1993- Relocates to Hammonton, New Jersey

December 26 1996- Has an alledged daughter, born in Pomona,NJ. mother unknown at this time.

1993-1997-9th-12 grades Oakcrest High School, Mays Landing NJ

June 1997- Graduates Oakcrest High School

July 17, 1999- Marries Teresa Jean Allen.

United States Army (Regular)-Fort Benning,Ga=Recption Batallion-April-May 1999=Medically Discharged

January 20, 2000- Divorces Teresa. (Salem Co. NJ)

December 12, 2003- Meets Beth A. Miller at a church-sponsored singles dance. Beth was born on August 10th 1978

January 24, 2004- At 2:20pm local time, Mike and Beth are married in a church ceremony.

March of 2004- Beth and Mike discover they will soon be parents!

November 1, 2004- Daughter was born!

January 2005- Crook allegedly found a soldier's digital camera during a Philadelphia Eagles football game. Than offered to return the camera to the Army specialist, but only if he was paid a thousand dollars.

July 24, 2006-Child (born 2004) allegedly taken into NY State custody and placed in foster home, and in the end allegedly adopted by same foster family.

2005 On- People have been learning about Michael crooks and his hypycritical blogs/websites.And if not, keep reading this blog.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Getting To Know Mikeys Mom, Mavis!

Well I actually was able to get to know Mikeys mom today, Mavis. She was born in Alaska and was there about the same time my family lived there. She also lived in Kansas and Oregon where some family members have also lived.

And what's even stranger is that she is in Mo. now, where more of my family lives.
I always knew the Delaney name sounded familiar. I just have to find the connection now. We have no Delaneys or Crook in our ancestry.

I do think I know where and why it sounds familiar but I have to pull the photo back out to verify first.

I don't know if Mikey takes after her or his father, Bruce. About the only thing they have in common is Computers, she has an Associates degree in computer science.

And unlike Mikey, she isn't against Gays/Lesbians and she is not a racist from what I can tell. She enjoys knitting and loves the casinos. Did you know she did casino surveillance at one time? She knits little sweaters for her Chihuahua and she said that she knows exactly what they are for. If she's cold and sees Mavis get out one of her sweaters, she comes running and jumps up on to her lap so Mavis can put it on her.

I guess she had a weight problem back in the past. She weighed 190 at 5'-4", but started working on losing that since than.

I didn't have alot of time getting to know her, but hopefully next time. She really doesn't seem to be anything like Mikey and I don't think she agrees with his views at all.

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Will He Ever Learn?

On January 5th, 2008, Sugar Ray Dodge (SRD), had his first LIVE Radio Podcast show with Michael Crook being a host on it.

I finally had a chance to listen to it, and minus the technical difficulties of hearing parts of it, I think SRD did a great job. SRD showed respect,was curteous and the callers had some great questions. Mike was pretty much flipflopping his answers. He has changed his views from the past to even more idiotic views.

I thought for sure he'd do half good as this was on radio and not where he'd be in view for people to see his fugliness, but he proved me wrong. he kept stuttering on what he was trying to say, could never find the right way of saying what his views were, and after years, one would think he'd have it down solid.

Perhaps it was due to so many people proving his views wrong, he had to change it some.

The subject of Politics came up and Crook showed his racist views. Too bad that is when the show really had technical difficulties. I hope SRD gets him back on for part ll to finish up what they couldn't.

You can listen to it at SRD Radio, Epsiode 30 LIVE and judge for yourself if Crook got owned yet again.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thought I'd Share This...

another blog with everyone.

The owner of that blog will let you post without editing anything. He DOES believe in Free Speech. lol ....or visit his forum about MichaelCrook
Visit this site as well: Emily's Rant

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Partners In Crime"

Ok here is how I get the information. I know the name and I know the person died in California, but do not know where the person was born or the parents names. (In some cases I might) Sometimes though even if I put a parents last or maiden name in, it won't come up because the person in question does not have those names on the record. So if you take out the last names of parents, it may show up than. In the case with me, I than checked out for the name of the mother by putting fathers name in where it belongs with last known married name the mother had. Only ONE name showed up So I can assume that since the main person I checked for showed being born in California and died in California it was safe to assume the persons parents also may have died in California.

Click the link and choose

Deaths: 1905-2000 Scroll down to and than click the "All Searchers may enter here area."

1940-2000 Death Index Summary: Premium Search Members* may enter here.
All Searchers may enter here.

Once in there you will Just put in last name and first name of who you are trying to find. It may bring up alot or just afew or if you are not so lucky..nothing. Sometimes it will have mothers madien name and fathers last name..Other time maybe just maiden name /or just fathes names or neither name. So the name you find turns out to be born in California too.

Now go back to the main site again

This time click Births: 1905-2000

Go to: 1905-1995: Premium Search Members* may enter here.
All other Searchers may enter here.

You will need a free GuestPass. Once you get in, it will show netdetective. look to bottom right corner where it says - - - - Begin Search/Reset. Click on that than put in last name you're looking for. It will bring you up to alot of last names but you will have to hit the Next > End (Do not hit the end). you will have to hit next until you get to the name you are looking for.

The same type of info is in here as is in the death site, only it gives name of county where born.

Now how to try fnding living people.

Go to peoplefinders put in just First and last name and last known state the person was at..or you can try going by no state at all.. It will pull up every where they lived. Alias names and possible relatives. You can also than try searching the names on the list of possible Relatives. Some names I found has proven how they are connected to a person

You can also go into this site and check for familys via 1930 census or before..if someone married in Nevada in a certain year, it will show up in here.It also lists afew other states for marriages, It will show in some cases a person death place and spouses name.

Another place to find death info on someone is here. SSDI

I like to use the advance search when looking for females. If they married and you're not sure the last name. You can play around by just adding first name, month of birth (any information you know for sure) This will only work if the person had a SSN at one time, and even than, some will not show up unless you know the SSN itself. Or quite afew names may show up, and you will have to check each name. My family member did not show up by the name, but once I searched with just the SSN there, that family member came up. lol

Another nice thing about the SSDI is that you can request the actual Social Security Application by mailing it to the:

Social Security Administration-OEO FOIA Workgroup (under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. Section 552)

You can get to the application form to order by clicking on the 'SS-5 Letter' to the right of the person you searched for. Most likely anyone who died before having a SSN, you will find their info in Ancestry

And now if you noticed while going into those sites you will notice a little thing saying in all but peoplefinders.

So the partner in crime in my alledged Fraud would be Ancestry. If you search further you will find that the Mormon Church owns this site, so in theory you can say they would be the ring leader of any so called crimes finding people including living ones. It gets worse though. In order for anyone to view all of the information, they charge you for it, so they are getting paid for handing out information in this alledged crime spree.

Update: I stand corrected. The owners are LDS members but Ancestry is not owned by the LDS Church.

No matter, both are good resources to use for searching ancestors,and sometimes even living relatives. Ancestry just helped me find a cousin who's family has not seen since about 1978..can you say reunion time?

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

He's a real tough guy!

So Crook has been emailing me trying to claim I have the wrong line, yet when I mentioned certain names and know where they live, and perhaps I may list those as well, he comes back with this:

Just remember that this game works both ways, and I will not hesitate to come after that niece you love so much...hey you come after me, I come after your family....seems only fair.

In another email:
4. Regarding kids...when it comes to revenge all family is fair game, if you mess with mine I can mess with yours, regardless of age or who really has permission to pick them up from school ;)

And another:
I don't know what your goal is, but I have no problem with revenge involving innocent kids...just keep that in mind.

Yeah, he's a tough guy alright, he threaten minor children. Anyone who wants to see the original emails let me know I'll be happy to share them.