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Friday, January 11, 2008

Getting To Know Mikeys Mom, Mavis!

Well I actually was able to get to know Mikeys mom today, Mavis. She was born in Alaska and was there about the same time my family lived there. She also lived in Kansas and Oregon where some family members have also lived.

And what's even stranger is that she is in Mo. now, where more of my family lives.
I always knew the Delaney name sounded familiar. I just have to find the connection now. We have no Delaneys or Crook in our ancestry.

I do think I know where and why it sounds familiar but I have to pull the photo back out to verify first.

I don't know if Mikey takes after her or his father, Bruce. About the only thing they have in common is Computers, she has an Associates degree in computer science.

And unlike Mikey, she isn't against Gays/Lesbians and she is not a racist from what I can tell. She enjoys knitting and loves the casinos. Did you know she did casino surveillance at one time? She knits little sweaters for her Chihuahua and she said that she knows exactly what they are for. If she's cold and sees Mavis get out one of her sweaters, she comes running and jumps up on to her lap so Mavis can put it on her.

I guess she had a weight problem back in the past. She weighed 190 at 5'-4", but started working on losing that since than.

I didn't have alot of time getting to know her, but hopefully next time. She really doesn't seem to be anything like Mikey and I don't think she agrees with his views at all.

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Will He Ever Learn?

On January 5th, 2008, Sugar Ray Dodge (SRD), had his first LIVE Radio Podcast show with Michael Crook being a host on it.

I finally had a chance to listen to it, and minus the technical difficulties of hearing parts of it, I think SRD did a great job. SRD showed respect,was curteous and the callers had some great questions. Mike was pretty much flipflopping his answers. He has changed his views from the past to even more idiotic views.

I thought for sure he'd do half good as this was on radio and not where he'd be in view for people to see his fugliness, but he proved me wrong. he kept stuttering on what he was trying to say, could never find the right way of saying what his views were, and after years, one would think he'd have it down solid.

Perhaps it was due to so many people proving his views wrong, he had to change it some.

The subject of Politics came up and Crook showed his racist views. Too bad that is when the show really had technical difficulties. I hope SRD gets him back on for part ll to finish up what they couldn't.

You can listen to it at SRD Radio, Epsiode 30 LIVE and judge for yourself if Crook got owned yet again.

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