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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Crooks Timeline

15 Feb 1978- Born in Portland, Oregon at 7:25pm local time,weighed 5#-4oz
Father: Bruce Allen Crook
Birth Date: 9 Jan 1957, Kern Co., Ca.
Death Date: 22 Sep 1997.Riverside Co., Ca

Mother: Mavis N.Delaney.
Birth Date:23 Sep 1954, Alaska

1985-1987-1st and 2nd Grade McMinnville SDA McMinnville, Ore.

2 May 1987 Mother remarries to Craig Richard Eggenberger-Marriage County: Nye, State: Nevada)

1987-1990- 3rd-5th grades Vegas Verdes- Las vegas, NV

1990-1991-6th grade- Matt Kelly (Sixth Grade Center) Las Vegas, NV

1991-1992-7th grade James Cashman Jr./High School Las Vegas,NV

19 Aug 1991 County: Clark Mother was the Defendant in her divorce to Craig Eggenberger

Summer of 1992- After mother's divorce in previous year, relocates to Arizona

1992-1993-8th Grade-Fountian HillsJr/SrHigh, Fountain Hills. Az

Summer of 1993- Relocates to Hammonton, New Jersey

December 26 1996- Has an alledged daughter, born in Pomona,NJ. mother unknown at this time.

1993-1997-9th-12 grades Oakcrest High School, Mays Landing NJ

June 1997- Graduates Oakcrest High School

July 17, 1999- Marries Teresa Jean Allen.

United States Army (Regular)-Fort Benning,Ga=Recption Batallion-April-May 1999=Medically Discharged

January 20, 2000- Divorces Teresa. (Salem Co. NJ)

December 12, 2003- Meets Beth A. Miller at a church-sponsored singles dance. Beth was born on August 10th 1978

January 24, 2004- At 2:20pm local time, Mike and Beth are married in a church ceremony.

March of 2004- Beth and Mike discover they will soon be parents!

November 1, 2004- Daughter was born!

January 2005- Crook allegedly found a soldier's digital camera during a Philadelphia Eagles football game. Than offered to return the camera to the Army specialist, but only if he was paid a thousand dollars.

July 24, 2006-Child (born 2004) allegedly taken into NY State custody and placed in foster home, and in the end allegedly adopted by same foster family.

2005 On- People have been learning about Michael crooks and his hypycritical blogs/websites.And if not, keep reading this blog.

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