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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Want To Become Ordained?

That's right, you can become an Ordained Minister. Just go to the Universal Life Church and fill out the form and wait.

It states:

Welcome! You are about to become an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, Modesto, California. Please be sure to find out about the legal doctrines governing your country, state or province.
So I was browsing around debating on if I'd really want to become a minister. Anyway while browsing I found this and remembered that at one time, Crook claimed to be an Ordained Minister.If true and he were to marry you, I'd be asking to see his make sure this Michael Crook isn't the same one we all know. Well, unfortunately with further searching, it came to prove that it is the same Crook we all know.

So hopefully if anyone out there were dumb enough to have him marry you,I'd be asking for my money back or to prove that he is in fact legally able to marry people with his 5.00 certificate if received from here.

Did you catch what he had on there with what he believes?

This I Believe: Do that which is good, and uphold the word of the Lord.

That would make anyone say 'No, that ain't the scumbag Michael Crook", but it is. I checked the phone number used with the number scumbag Crook has used.Same One!

Now I am not saying that he is NOT an Ordained Minister,I'm just saying it should be verified before putting cash over to him.

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Equalizing Things

Crook seems to feel that since he has it posted on his blog that if you send him messages, he has the authority to expose you anyway he can if he feels like it.

He enjoys posting dead peoples familys info like address or phone numbers, matter of fact, it doesn't stop at just dead people,he goes after anyone he can that he blogs on, whether he blogs the truth or twists it some...or alot.

So I've decided to help those people out..legally that is. Lets start with Mikeys mother,Mavis. If you want to know exactly why it is that Crook does what he does,maybe his mom will let you know.

You can reach her by writing to her or calling..both are last known address that are listed.

She is listed in anywho as:

Delaney, M
1260 NE 69 Hwy
Claycomo, MO 64119

Doing searches in other areas I find the following in the public eye again.


Doing a google with that address gives me the name of the property

Northgate Mobile Estates
(816) 452-4418
1260 NE Us Highway 69 # 1
Liberty, MO 64068

Now isn't that funny. He calls people who lives in Mobile homes trailer trash, but his own mother lives in a mobile home.....does that make her trailer trash as well?
Um..yeah....anyway, I'd prolly try the address with Liberty, Mo if I were to write to her.

While were on the subject of Mikeys mom, Mavis. Mikey once claimed his step father tried to molest him.His exact words were:

'My mom and stepdad divorced in 1992, after my stepfather attempted (unsuccessfully) to molest me. Now, this was a man who told me to trust him, he holds the priesthood'.

So after catching Crook in so many lies, I have decided to print out that whole conversation and will be sending it to Craig for his opinion. If anyone out there is curious too, they can reach him at:

Craig Eggenberger
1155 Royal Ave
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

Again also listed in public view.

Keep checking back as I will most certainly be having more people w/contact info to ask their opinion on why crook is the way he is.

How about seeing if good ol' Uncle Keith has anything to say? You can contact him at:

Keith P Delaney
2400 SE Ryan St
Corvallis, OR 97333-2029
(541) 753-9006
Birth Date: 17 Dec 1946

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