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Friday, October 20, 2006

MSC Children

There were past interviews with MSC on the No Holds Barred Radio Station where he admits to the divorce and child he produced at age 20, mother of said child was 15, 16 when she had the child. She divorced MSC a year later, which put her at age 17. Other stuff on these interviews are his admission of rape, can't prosecute him for rape, more bragging about being untouchable, more not going to prosecute (although he kept saying he did not rape her, everyone knows that any 19 or 20 year old that sleeps with a 15 year old, it is called statutory rape) this occurred in New Jersey, although at the time of the interview, MSC lived in Ohio.

Than we have his old website (screenshots made of all of it), he mentions the child again. saying how she's a little angel, who is not afraid to say what she's thinking..and also how she has been there for him through both of his divorces and that it was a shame that her mother is no longer with them, the victim of a drunk driver. This part may just show what MSC meant in the previous interviews about no witness's. I bet the child's birth certificate and a DNA test could prove otherwise, besides the fact MSC admitted in the interview that he was paying child support.

From the date of the childs birth, I have calculated her date of conception on or about 4 April 1996 which was a Thursday, according to this website Birthdate Calender. So if these calculations are right, MSC was actually 18 at the the time of childs conceivement and was almost 19 when child was born, 2 months shy of 19.

So that relationship is gone and MSC later remarrys in July-1999 which only last maybe 6 months. That divorce was final in January of 2000. That was the marriage with him pushing his wife down the stairs. The above interview has him saying she pulled a knife on him, which is why he pushed her down the stairs. No known children with that marriage.

Than in January of 2004, MSC marrys his current wife and in November of 2004 his second child is born. This child, many people are aware of, but it now sounds like she is in the care of CPS and a foster home.....maybe now she will actually have a chance at a good life I am sure that MSC will deny this but I have have screenshots of a few places where he mentions first daughter, or 2 kids isn't vast, and I even have both names with birthdates.Hopefully not, but who knows how many more children he has out there


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