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Monday, October 30, 2006


People have wondered if MC is his real name. We have found in the past that it is MSC, even old address' have his middle initial..same MC too. It seems that in his forum, he thinks the below mentioned forum has a differant MC in it..but he is wrong..we have the right MSC.

To prove that, click on Dayton Municipal Court. Once in the site, click the 'Case Inquiry' than go to: by 'Defendant Name' and put in his last and first name. You will find 3 arrests for him, one of them was mentioned in his old website that he has since had blocked from waybackmachine and is now on the sales list...if not sold by now.

That one arrest that he mentioned in an old site was from when he was out clubbing and he got a little too drunk and was escorted out by two bouncers, which he than tried to argue with them, asking for the manager so the police were called. He even got into it with one officer and he ended up being arrested by Officer A. Quinn for DISORD/PI, a violation of Dayton Ordinance 2817 11 B-2. This happened on April 18th 2002.

Now if you notice, on one of those arrests, it has his full name, which shows the forum does have the correct MC. The info matches what MSC himself posted in his past blogs. As for the last name Vogel and Delaney..that comes from his maternal side of the family.

As always screenshots to prove this is in fact true..according to MSC himself. ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

according to that court record his full name is Michael Scott Crook?

Could it be possible he was using an alias at that time?

Thursday, 02 November, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But you leave so much out...

He also has allegedly posed at lawyers in the past, and and his own supporter in the form of females, and other family members, including his own mother...

If you dug into the local court records of Onodaga county you will find him a few more times with some interactions with the law there... You will also find that he is short one small person... Such is the life of a guy that is short a few french fries out of his happy meal...

Saturday, 04 November, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to first appologize if this may offend anyone other than michael scott crook, I am a military wife and know firsthand of what my husband and friends go through. I am personally outraged at his comments. He speaks as if he really knows something about the military and "all the things they get and stand for" he has no clue. The men and women of this country fight daily are on call 24/7 to protect our way of life, even the right to hate. They follow orders because that is their job. Their pay is little for the job that they do. They learn a career and for that career alone they are underpaid by the military yeah they have medical but it is almost impossible to get into the dr when neccessary so they have to wait all night in the local er to have someone tell them that their sick child just has a viral sickness and it has to run its course. then the same person goes home just in time to shower and change and go stand post for 8 - 12 hours. Dental yeah they have it and it is fairly reasonable but it is just the same as anyone else would have. and they have to pay for it not really a benefit now is it. He kept repeating the pay the pay wel listen for 9 years in the military advancing where they can the pay is still only 5 low figures a year with alot of debt the money does not spread as they or anyone else would like it to be. One thing people of the United States should be is PROUD of our military and how they live and work to keep us safe from horrors. And PROUD of their families for allowing them to do it. So MICHAEL SCOTT CROOK if you seriously think our military and government is so darn bad then GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS COUNTRY! Our military love this country so much that they would die for it and you know what dickhead alot of them have. They are the most unrespected peoples on this earth and they are the hardest working as well. People should really do their research very thoroughly before they start making accusations such as he has.
You know what MICHAEL SCOTT CROOK I Dare you come to a military ball and speak to all of the troops personally about your veiws. A word of advisement from a navy wife first- have you coffin chosen and make sure your will is in order because you would not be returning alive or even in one peice- promise. And to the author of this page- I appologize that I got my emotions get the better of me. I do not mind if you edit some of what I have just so my point gets across is all I ask. I am a military wife and this sorry excuse of a person offends what my family, friends, and loved ones does on a daily basis for this country. And it hurts me inside that a special friend who went to iraq leaving a pregnant wife behind... well lets just say at 7 months pregnant she had to identify his torso because that is all of him that came back! He never met his son who is now 2 years old but he was willing to give his life so his son could life a peaceful life. And he did give his life. I have many friends and family over there now that fight for us, and people like michael scott crook, are just as sabusive as the attacks that were executed oin 9/11. GOD BLESS the military troops, and their families!

Sunday, 12 August, 2007  
Anonymous KPD said...

I tried the link and nothing shows for any crook as a last name.

Only one for a Crooks.

Friday, 02 November, 2007  
Blogger Emily said...

They changed their website to provide separate Criminal and civil areas. The criminal section has moved to here:

It still shows the three arrests


This is a time in Mikey's life that he doesn't like to talk about.

Sunday, 11 November, 2007  

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