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Monday, November 20, 2006

Is He Straight, Gay or Bi?

I think he is Bi because of several things. Maybe it all started here when his mom and stepdad divorced in 1992, after his stepfather attempted (unsuccessfully) to molest him, according to his post.

Than people were doing search after search on him and alot has been found, like this link but do not bother clicking it as it has been deleted once Crook found out people knew about it, however I have the fullscreenshot of it with his photo intact. A photo that has never surfaced but in that site.

Some of it says:
Handle: silentmikeny
silentmikeny is: a man
Looking for: a Women, couples (M & F}
Interested in: Erotic chat or email, Discreet relationship. 1-on-1 sex, group sex
From: United States, New York, Syracuse

below the picture it has more stuff and his age as 26.also mentions again what he is looking for. ages 18-30

Than people started having some fun with him like this this person. If you notice the IM and the email are screenshots.I honestly think it is legit..the email if you do a google search, it will show it is Crooks (eastcoastdude2004).

Remember when his site had him coming out?

It started with 'There's no other way to say something like this, other than to just say it.I'm gay."

There is a screenshot with that but for the rest, you can view it all here. Just keep scrolling down till you get to it.

Someone at one time, emailed me the screenshot to this but it never showed what site it was from. I did a quick check on it and found the site. His post is number 15. yoga at the discoteque Part of what he says is:

I do consider myself widely traveled in gay bars and clubs (known for our cutting edge dancing, just ask madonna}

Than he was found in Paradise Found using the name Silentmike and in one post he said:

Heck wife's a die-hard Mormon...she would kill me, rip me to pieces, and divorce those pieces if she ever knew I came to PF, let alone get dances.

I doubt that post is still around but screenshots of this is onhand, in case the wife would like them. And maybe he still visits that forum. Or maybe some of you can meet up with him there and chat of course.

I often wonder if his real reason for his copycat Craiglist experiment was really so he can get nude photos of men for his own personal satisfaction. And for him saying those things about the married men, he can't speak much about them with his own actions when he visits PF as a married man himself.


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